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Welcome to

147.210 is the primary
repeater for South Metro


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Links interesting to Hams.

Amateur Radio License Statistics Hits:2376
Description:Current, up to date, statistics and analysis of data from the FCC data base. This is a very interesting site. It chronicles the decline of amateur radio. It is kept up to date on a monthly basis.
Submitted On:2005-04-06

APRS minnesota Hits:2485
Description:APRS (automatic position reporting system)Find out the latest APRS info here.
Submitted On:2003-01-26

Berkana Wireless Radio Tower Locator Hits:2516
Description:Berkana Wireless Radio Tower Locator
Submitted On:2003-04-05

Chris's Old Radio Homepage Hits:2476
Description:Photos and descriptions of old radios and other interesting things.
Submitted On:2005-04-12

Excellent History of Amateur Radio Hits:2448
Description:Bill Continelli's (W2XOY)"Wayback Machine" tells the history of amateur radio from the begining. Told in 34 segments, many of which have been on This Week in Amateur Radio. One of the most interesting histories out there. A MUST read!
Submitted On:2004-03-30

Federal Communications Commission Hits:2422
Description:Federal Communications Commission
Submitted On:2003-04-05

Grid Square Maps Hits:2370
Description:Grid Square Maps
Submitted On:2003-04-05

History of Vibroplex Hits:3423
Description:Very interesting history of Horace G. Martin, inventor of the Vibroplex semi-automatic key.
Submitted On:2006-10-13

Live J-Track 2.5 Hits:2370
Description:Live J-Track 2.5. Track space objects using a nifty Java app
Submitted On:2003-04-05

Minnesota Hidden Transmitter Finders Hits:2684
Description:This group was formed to organize Fox Hunters in Minnesota, to post information on Fox Hunting Events and to post reports of disturbances. It is a forum to compare notes and talk about tips used when tracking down jammers and other types of interference.
Submitted On:2004-02-13

Minnesota Repeater Council Hits:3965
Description:The MRC is the organization responsible for repeater coordination in Minnesota. It is a volunteer organization whose members are repeater owners or representatives of clubs that operate repeaters. Repeater information collected and maintained by MRC is used to frequency coordinate new repeaters in Minnesota and surrounding states. At the end of the year, this information is submitted to the ARRL for inclusion in the Repeater Directory.

The MRC also maintains a Technical Committee to provide advice to repeater owners who may be experiencing interference or technical problems. For more information about MRC or to download a recent Minnesota repeater listing, please visit the web page.

TCRC member Thomas, KBěDCO, was elected to be the User Liaison Member of the Minnesota Repeater Council (MRC) on April 19, 2003 at the Spring meeting of the MRC in Litchfield, MN. As such Thomas will represent all repeater users in the state of Minnesota, (not just TCRC users) at the MRC. Thomas has a full vote on all matters that come before the Minnesota Repeater Council.If you have any concerns, suggestions, comments, and or other questions regarding repeater operation in Minnesota, email Thomas.
Submitted On:2003-03-09

Minnesota Repeater List Hits:107589
Description:A pdf file listing all the repeaters coordinated in Minnesota at this time. This list is updated by the Minnesota Repeater Council several times yearly.
Submitted On:2004-10-16

W1AW Schedule from the ARRL Hits:6090
Description:W1AW Schedule from the ARRL
Submitted On:2003-04-05

You are here: Main > General
Links interesting to Hams.

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