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Welcome to

147.210 is the primary
repeater for South Metro


Repeater Status
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6 Meter - 53.37 Repeater status

Updated 2017-5-1

The system consists of General Electric MastrII radios currently running in a split site configuration. The 6m receiver is co-located at our main site with our other three systems and the transmit site is 1.7 miles to the East. Both the receive and transmit antennas are 1/2 wavelength verticals. Transmit power is 75 watts. We are currently running a full time 100Hz CTCSS squelch so remember you will need to transmit the tone to access the system.

2 Meter - 147.21 Repeater Status

Updated 2013-11-25

The old OLE and SVEN system were shut down on September 28, 2013. They were part of an amazing state of the art system designed and built by by amazing amateur radio operators.

Replacing the old system is a commercial off-the-shelve Vertex VXR-9000 repeater. It has an internal controller with basic functions and is running at medium power (25 watts) into the existing PA resulting in 80 watts input to the antenna system.

The need for a 100Hz CTCSS tone (PL for the Motorola fans) is still present.

HISTORICAL INFO on old 2-Meter Repeater

Updated 2003-10-25

Kevin and Phil have reset the transmit frequency (it was off half a scosh) and replaced the driver and final transistors. They are continuing to adjust and equalize the audio on the remote receivers and tweak the voter. A complete report will be forthcomming when this work is done.

Updated Spring 2003

The repeater is operational with all remote receivers operating. The amplifer is currently our 55 watt amp. The Johnson 100 watt amplifer is in the hands of a new repair tech who is willing to attempt another repair. If that fails to produce good results, our next direction is to do some research and purchase another "off-the-shelf" amp. Our past experience with these amps has not been good, so we are still trying other options first. The 55 watt GE amp has served us very well in the interum.

We adjusted the voter, and put the north receiver back together. The North and West sites were over-deviated by the voter when we started, and we fixed that. We found there is an audio pass band difference between the "gold boxes" and the "motorola" receivers. Getting more matched motorola receivers would be about all we could do. There may still be problems because we measured the audio level by using a 440 signal, instead of using a 2M signal that had made its trip to the remote and back again via 440. So differences in the remote recievers were not taken into account. Any observations may be reported to

1.25 Meter - 224.54 Repeater Status

Updated 2017-5-1

Our Bridgecom BCR-220 operates on 224.54 MHz. 30 Watts continuous duty RF Power. Among the several features included: Built-in power supply, CTCSS/DCS encoder/decoder, built-in morse code station ID. It may be one of the last 220 machines in the metro area.
70 cm - 444.3 Repeater Status

Updated 2015-4-01

Installed new Fusion DR-1X to replace the beta DR-1. It's running at medium power, 20Watts and have reports of good coverage throughout the metro.

Updated 2015-3-17

Yaesu System Fusion DR-1 system died last Saturday. The ICOM machine was put back in service for now. Walt, KD0XT is bench testing the Dr-1 now and reported that it has lost all transmit power. The club is waiting to receive a replacement.

Updated 2014-3-18

The repeater has been swapped out with a Yaesu System Fusion DR-1 Beta Test machine.

Output is 38 watts. It is currently configure to receive either FM or C4FM input and will repeat FM or C4FM.

Historical Data for old ICOM 440 repeater:

Output was measured on 3-15-14. It varied from 9 to 14 watts which indicates issues with the power transistors. Repair of PA module is being considered (would increase output to 20 watts). Another option is to add an external PA (increase output to 50-60 watts). Also considering addition of receiver pre-amp.

The system consists of an older Icom repeater. The system runs in a duplex mode via a Wacom 4 can duplexer and the 9db gain co-linear antenna is fed with a 100 foot run of 1 5/8" Heliax. We replaced the original Icom controller for an MCC RC-1000 to provide us with the Autopatch functionality. We are currently running a full time 114.8 Hz CTCSS squelch so be sure to transmit the tone to access the repeater.

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