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Welcome to

147.210 is the primary
repeater for South Metro


New 2 meter Repeater Installed
Contributed by ke0na on: Wednesday 02 October @ 11:33:07
Club ActivitiesThe old 2-Meter system (SVEN and OLE) were shut down on Saturday, September 28 and replaced with a commercial repeater

There are a few changes you will notice right away. There are no more voice ID's, no more time and temperature or "Top-of-the-Hour" announcements, or "special" modes (net, weather, hamfest, or other modes). The new repeater is a Yaesu VXR-9000 and only repeats. All ID's are CW (WØBU/R). Tweaks will be needed, but for now we anticipate a more reliable repeater. The need for a 100Hz CTCSS tone (PL for the Motorola fans) is still present.

As of 11/16/13 configuration is as follows:

  • A 100 Hz CTCSS tone is both encoded and decoded
  • The Time Out Timer (TOT) is 3 minutes
  • The time out penalty is 21 seconds (amount of time repeater is non-responsive after TOT limit reached)
  • Repeat Hold Time (tail) is 1.5 seconds (time from input carrier loss to repeater carrier down)
  • The repeater output power (exciter for PA) is 25 watts, so output from PA is 80 watts
  • The courtesy tone occurs at the end of the Repeat Hold Time
  • The TOT is reset by repeater carrier down (not the courtesy tone)
  • Squelch Hysteresis is 25
  • The tone of the CWID is 400 hz
  • CWID is now encoded with CTCSS tone (100 hz)
  • CWID Modulation Delay is 1 second (To allow for CTCSS Decode on listener's radios)
  • A 25 dB pre-amp has been added to the receiver with a 6 dB attenuator to protect the receiver front end
  • A 70 Amp/Hr wet cell backup battery was added to the system - The repeater will automatically fail-over if AC power is lost
  • A Breakout box was added to the 25 pin Aux connector
  • Power for preamp is being supplied at the backup battery terminal.

Current issues being worked:

  • Noise during repeat and hang time
  • Receive sensitivity

Please send comments and reports to Dave at NOTE: The Repeater Info and Status Links have been updated. Click here to see a report on the status of ALL the repeaters

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